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Mint Mobile Review. Should you switch in 2020?

mint mobile review

This is my honest review of ‘Mint Mobile’, which is one of the most talked about MVNOs (operators that sell discounted mobile and data plans) in USA. Mint SIM was launched in 2016 by Ultra Mobile. Ultra Mobile itself is an MVNO of T-Mobile. Ultra mobile’s plans are focused more on unlimited international calling plans …

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Moving from Android to iphone in 2020. What will you really miss?

Are confused whether or not to switch from android to iphone? This article will help you analyse and decide if you should switch from your existing android to iphone. Note:- This article is from a die-hard fan of android user for more than 10 years. However, I recently moved to USA and with that, moved …

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The Six Unique Advantages of Cybertruck

cybertruck advantages

These are the 6 Unique Advantages of Cybertruck:
The unique selling points (USP) that are big advantages of cybertruck as compared to any other vehicle in it’s segment: 1) Power: The first advantage of any electric vehicle is it’s instant availability of torque.You see, for all conventional engine driven vehicles, power has to gradually build …

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Cybertruck marketing strategy explained in detail | Tesla motors

Tesla marketing strategy explained

Tesla Cyber truck Product Placement Strategy Identifying the right strategies for your business has become more crucial than ever. Tesla cybertruck marketing strategy is no different. The moment Elon Musk challenged the legendary Ford F150, he indirectly revealed the product placement strategy of cybertruck. Cybertruck pulls F-150 uphill— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 24, 2019 …

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