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Adobe analytics testing automation: Easy data validation

Adobe analytics testing automation

Adobe analytics testing is an integral part of most data analysts in web analytics arena. Yes it is redundant, repetitive but at the same time, unavoidable and therefore, most important part of our lives! 🙄 So, to all my fellow WAPs – (Web Analytics Professionals) – I present to you an automated way to test …

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How to install Analytics on your Website: DIY (Google Analytics & GTM)

How to install analytics+Best

To install analytics on your website/online business/blog, you should enable tracking of your website as well as  tracking of all your digital marketing activities. Trust me, it isn’t as hard as it seems actually.! Yes, follow this DIY guide and you should be able to get started with Analytics on your website easily within no time …

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Web Analytics – Insights & Challenges- Back to Basics

Web analytics, simply put, is a data analysis process involving below 4 steps in order: ♠ If you already know the basics of analytics, skip to “Challenges” part directly.♠ Collection of website dataReportingUnderstanding the reports (Generating insights from the reports).Optimizing your website (OR) Digital marketing activities. What is the use of Web Analytics? It can …

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