About Digilitica

Digilitica aims to solve daily tech-problems. It contains articles on technology, gadgets, mobiles, digital marketing, analytics and other such trending topics.

Digilitica is about technology, digital marketing, analytics, devices

Digilitica has quality posts on niche topics of digital marketing, analytics, technology, mobile, gadgets and business. Thus, the tag line >>simplifying the digital world.

digilitica's fantasy is to explore and explain interconnection of business and technology.

The uniqueness about Digilitica is it’s main focus on evolving digital eco system and inter-connection of business, lifestyle, health, gadgets, technology, digital marketing and analytics.

Motivation to start Digilitica

When I wanted to setup digilitica, this was my first thought:

Internet is already filled with so much of information. Why start another content based blog?

But then, from a long time, I’ve been reading many ‘famous’ blogs and even articles published by top 500 MNCs all over the world. Somehow, I personally feel that topics and concepts can be explained in more simplistic manner.

So, here is the first intent: Conveying what seems as ‘complex subjects’ in simpler terms so that anyone with basic understanding of English should be able to follow.

Also, digital marketing, analytics and AI applications are rapidly evolving, new tools, new techniques are awesome but little help can be found online. (Genuinely helpful articles).

So, here is the second intent: Create quality content that can be truly helpful for someone seeking basic to advanced ‘Know how’ or ‘Why’ questions in these topics.This is really unique about Digilitica.

Before writing any post, I will first google/search that topic and only if someone hasn’t written a post which satisfies me, I’ll write on that topic.

Third intent is plain and simple: I love writing, explaining, arguing, imagining, hypothesizing and content creation. If I can generate some income from it, (at least to run this blog and thus feed my hobby), why not give it a shot? – So far, so good!

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Shivanandana Hegde