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Best way to share mobile screen (both iphone and android)

You can share your mobile screen to another mobile phone or PC by following few simple steps. It is easy, efficient, allows remote control and it's free too! This method ...
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ios 14 battery issue draining fast_featured

iOS 14 Battery drain: Fix it without Reset

After iOS14 update, one of the most complained aspect is the gift of iOS 14 - which is battery drain" from Apple on almost all supported versions of iPhone. Almost ...
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Android to iPhone in 2020: Top 7 Reasons to Switch to ios

This is not an Android Vs iPhone comparison post. If you're stuck deciding whether or not to switch from Android to iOS platform, these are my personal top reasons to ...
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mint mobile review

Mint Mobile Review. Should you switch in 2020?

This is my honest review of 'Mint Mobile', which is one of the most talked about MVNOs (operators that sell discounted mobile and data plans) in the USA. Mint SIM ...
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Moving from Android to iphone in 2020. What will you really miss?

Are you confused whether or not to switch from android to iphone? This article will help you analyse and decide if you should switch from your existing android to iphone ...
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Infinity Fuxe Pint Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker [Pocket Sized]

Have you ever wondered which is the best portable Bluetooth speaker to buy for daily use? Choosing a best speaker is such a confusing task. If you are looking for ...
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Crucial MX500 vs Samsung 860evo -big

Crucial MX500 vs Samsung 860 EVO – Detailed comparison

Comparing Crucial MX500 with Samsung 860 EVO I own both Samsung 860EVO and Crucial MX500. So, if you want to know how crucial mx500 vs samsung 860 evo perform against ...
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cybertruck advantages

6 Unique Advantages of Cybertruck

These are the 6 Unique Advantages of Cybertruck:
The unique selling points (USP) that are big advantages of cybertruck as compared to any other vehicle in it's segment: 1) Power: ...
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Tesla marketing strategy explained

Cybertruck marketing strategy explained in detail | Tesla motors

Tesla Cyber truck Product Placement Strategy Identifying the right strategies for your business has become more crucial than ever. Tesla cybertruck marketing strategy is no different. The moment Elon Musk ...
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[Latest] Xiaomi Quick apps blocked by play protect. Full details

Recently, many Xiaomi Mi phone users have raised concerns on "Quick apps Blocked by Play protect". Additionally, the warning also states why is quick apps blocked: This Quick apps can ...
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New way to reduce mobile usage, social media and gaming addiction-2

Best way to uninstall system apps from Xiaomi mobiles, mi phones [No root]

The easiest and safest way to uninstall system apps from your Xiaomi and Mi phones is without rooting and without bootloader unlock. If you are a Xiaomi (or) Mi phone ...
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New way to reduce mobile usage, social media and gaming addiction

Digital Wellbeing - A passive way to reduce mobile usage, social media and gaming addiction With so many physical and mental health issues being reported, it's high time we consider ...
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How to upgrade laptop processor from i3 to i7 (or i5)

For many years, I wished I could upgrade laptop processor from i3 to higher like i5 or i7. Earlier, I thought laptop cpu upgrade is impossible. After all, every laptop ...
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facebook without app

Don’t install Facebook App: How to use Facebook without installing mobile app.

If you are a regular Facebook and messenger user, you should consider these top 4 reasons to use Facebook without mobile app: ➤ Directly jump to 'How to use Facebook ...
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download amazon India history_featured

How to download order history from amazon India?

My recent thoughts were to analyze what all I've ordered online and how much of it was really needed. The inability to download order history from amazon India motivated me ...
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Best SSD for home users

Best SSD for home use. What to consider before buying?

Choosing the best SSD for home usage is such a confusing task!. With marginal difference in cost, there are so many options available in market. This guide will help you ...
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What google knows about you

What google knows about me? – The illusion of Privacy Control

What google knows about me? Before you think that you already have an idea about this, just hold that thought and read on. Don't miss to check these out: Google ...
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Why use Edge Browser. Reasons to try Microsoft’s new browser

Use Edge browser… haan? 🤔 I am glad that you considered reading this post. I mean, why use edge browser when there are so many better alternatives right? 😀 Firstly, ...
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Amazon pricing strategy explained: [Selective User Pricing]

Selective User Pricing is a way by which one product or product type will be priced higher/lower to one customer compared to other. Subsequently, this is relatively new way by ...
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MiTV Review Photo

Mi TV 4A review – Is it worth buying? Some useful tips

Mi TV 4A review is an attempt to share my experience of 43" inch variant TV and probably some useful info and tips. It has been few months now so, ...
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Jiofi battery swelling

Jiofi battery swelling and bulging: How to use it without battery

Jiofi battery swelling and bulgingis a problem reported by many users across the country. This usually happens if you leave the device connected to charger for a long duration. Any ...
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