6 Unique Advantages of Cybertruck

These are the 6 Unique Advantages of Cybertruck:

The unique selling points (USP) that are big advantages of cybertruck as compared to any other vehicle in it’s segment:

Advantages of cybertruck

1) Power:

The first advantage of any electric vehicle is it’s instant availability of torque.You see, for all conventional engine driven vehicles, power has to gradually build up. However the advantage of cybertruck is that power is just waiting for you to hit the gas. (or just pedal since there isn’t any ‘gas’!)

power of cyber truck

Yes, it’s not an apples to apples comparison when it comes to a ‘head-to’head’ between an electric and conventional fossil fuel vehicle. However, the fact that Tesla’s motors are extremely quick and superior compared to conventional engines, makes it a winner by huge gap!

2) Rigidity & Body Strength:

Pick up trucks are mostly perceived as a rigid, strong and heavy vehicle. One of the outstanding advantages of cybertruck is it’s built quality is simply a class apart from existing pickup trucks in this segment. Yes, the glass may have shattered due to various reasons in the demo. However, the stainless steel reinforced body is simply an outstanding in it’s class.

strong advantages of cybertruck
I can’t stop watching this!

Quoting about Exoskeleton of Cybertruck: [from Tesla’s official site:]

Cybertruck is built with an exterior shell made for ultimate durability and passenger protection. Starting with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, every component is designed for superior strength and endurance, from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass.

Tesla Official

3) Design:

Well, this is a controversial area. There are people who totally hate the design and there are people who just love it. The design is no doubt simplistic. It is also futuristic and one of the the scientific advantages of cybertruck design is it’s ergonomic efficiency. So, people who like this design are going to love it and those who don’t will not. The ‘simplicity’ is also the advantage here.

cyber truck design advantage

Features: An electric car can always offers much more features. The software is upgradable over the air, there is auto-pilot, air controlled suspension, automated monitering etc are all perks of ‘connected’ cars. The technical advantage of cybertruck is that you can control the vehicle from your mobile devices and more features can be easily pushed over the air.

ergonomic advantages of cyber truck interior

Tesla has moved to a 100% Vegan interior and it is a genius idea. The advantage of cybertruck is that it’s internals are all made of paper composite material. They are not only environmental friendly but also very durable. The paper composite is heated and made to look like marble giving it a posh feel.

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4) Buying and Maintenance cost:

Yes, this truck is by no means ‘cheap‘. However, one of the best economical advantages of cybertruck is that it delivers an unmatchable value for money. The triple motor Cyber truck can run 500+ miles on single charge. Plus, Tesla has also offered solar panels which can add extra miles. This surely is another advantage but can be debated over charging time. How much $ per mile is that? – You do the math.

economic advantages of cybertruck

Plus, electric vehicles need no ‘Engine’ maintenance, engine oil changes, gear oil top up, greasing, coolant oil etc. So this is huge advantage of cybertruck which not only saves cost but time as well.

5) Eco-friendly: ** Best of the advantages of cybertruck **

This may not matter to most of the pick-up truck buyers. However, a unique advantage is a unique advantage.

Any fossil fuel when consumed releases so many toxins and harmful gases that are slowly showing their effects.

Some ‘hard’ facts about fossil fuels. (

  • Forget about global warming. We will die of air pollution even before witnessing full effect of global warming.
  • 60% of air we inhale today is toxic, unhealthy and harmful to not only just us but even for our next generation.
  • Fossil fuel may ‘seem’ cheap at this time but the cost that we are paying is something that our future generations will have to bare.
  • It’s not just air that gets polluted. Air mixes with rain, hence water. Water is used by plants hence food. The impact of fossil fuel is much much deeper than we think.
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One of the environmental advantages of cyber truck is something that is literally ‘invaluable’. Not just to you but to our future generations to come as well.

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cyber truck marketing strategy
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