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Get Scroll Percentage (JavaScript): Scroll depth for analytics

This article demonstrates an easy and effective way to get scroll percentage (scroll depth) at any point of time during page scrolls. For a deep dive content analysis, tracking scroll depth is crucial. Especially when customer-engagement is in the equation, scroll depth reveals content effectiveness. Below are some scenarios when you would want to consider […]

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Pageview count based tag: Fire on 3rd or 4th pageview (GTM)

In a previous article, I’ve explained how to fire a tag only once per session. .i.e., only on the first page view. Let’s extend the use case to see how to fire a tag on 2nd, 3rd or 4th pageview. Or simply put, on Nth pageview. The idea is to create a ‘count based tag […]

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Fire a tag just once per session: Without using Cookie (GTM)

Google Tag Manager provides three basic, tag firing options i.e., Unlimited, Once per Event and Once per page. However, there isn’t yet an option to fire a tag ‘just once per session‘ or ‘Only on first pageview‘. When I tried searching for this, I could find few solution. However, the problem is that they all […]

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How to install Analytics on your Website: DIY (Google Analytics & GTM)

To install analytics on your website/online business/blog, you should enable tracking of your website as well as  tracking of all your digital marketing activities. Trust me, it isn’t as hard as it seems actually.! Yes, follow this DIY guide and you should be able to get started with Analytics on your website easily within no time […]

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What is Tag Management System or TMS? (Digital Marketing)

Tag Management System as described with a famous quote from James McCormick– Forrester Research: “Tag management is the most boring name for the single most impactful practice that firms need to master to succeed at any digital engagement program that needs to scale — never mind its importance to the efficacy of digital marketing efforts.” […]


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