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Last Updated on October 9, 2020 by Shivanandana Hegde

Tesla Cyber truck Product Placement Strategy

Identifying the right strategies for your business has become more crucial than ever. Tesla cybertruck marketing strategy is no different. The moment Elon Musk challenged the legendary Ford F150, he indirectly revealed the product placement strategy of cybertruck.

Cybertruck product placement strategy: “American pick-up trucks

A segment that is ruled by Ford F-Series alone for decades.

For F-Series has a very loyal user base. People who once drive a Ford F-pickup tend to re-buy the same truck. Even after they’ve driven it for more than 10 years, they go back and buy another Ford F150.

Ford has such a strong customer base when it comes to pick up trucks.

Cyber truck vs Ford F150

Now, Tesla is clearly aiming to get a piece of that pie. Or is it more than just a piece that Tesla is after?

A market that has not been penetrated successfully for many years now is surely risky. However, it is also highly rewarding if Tesla succeeds in making it’s cybertruck as next pick-up choice for Americans.

Cybertruck design is not only futuristic but also minimalist

cyber truck marketing strategy

Cybertruck pricing strategy

Ford Pickups start at the range of $28,495 for basic XL model and goes up to $67,485 for Limited model.

However, Tesla Cybertruck marketing strategy is that there are 3 variants and the price is set exactly to pierce all the 7 models of Ford F150 series. A single motor at $39,900 , a dual motor at $49,900 and triple motor with 500+ miles of range priced at $69,900.

cyber truck pricing strategy

When it comes to pricing strategy, automobiles don’t have the advantage of tech-giants like Amazon or Google.Tesla is offering cybertrucks at an extremely competitive market price. Hence, this strategy is likely to win over existing vehicles.

How successful will be Tesla’s Cybertruck strategy?

With Elon Musk boasting the order numbers to be 250K within just few hours of launching the Cybertruck, the marketing strategy seems to be working already. However, only time will decide whether this is going to be a spectacular success or an epic failure!

Tesla cyber truck strategy explained

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By Shivanandana Hegde

Shivanandana Hegde is a data analytics and marketing expert working with clients across India, SEA and NA region. His interests are in optimizing online sales, personalization, electronic devices, communication networks, and cloud computing.
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