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Amazon Lightsail WordPress Experience | Hosting a blog on AWS

RANT WARNING: This short post outlines my experience with Amazon lightsail WordPress hosting for this website. It’ll give you an idea on what are the pros and cons of hosting a website in Amazon AWS lightsail.

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Create your own photo cloud storage at home: (Free Open Source)

Learn how I transformed my old laptop into a private photo cloud storage solution, ideal for those concerned about privacy and running out of free cloud space. While setting up a dedicated server or NAS system is robust yet costly, repurposing an old laptop or PC offers a free, practical, and scalable alternative for personal or small business use, accommodating any file type.

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New way to reduce mobile usage, social media and gaming addiction

Digital Wellbeing – A passive way to reduce mobile usage, social media and gaming addiction With so many physical and mental health issues being reported, it’s high time we consider reducing our on-screen time on mobile devices. Bluntly, getting rid of mobile devices is not a viable option. How many times I’ve tried to reduce […]

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How to download order history from amazon India?

Easily download order history from amazon india website. You can follow these simple steps and download purchase history in CSV format from amazon India.

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Best SSD for home use. What to consider before buying?

Choosing the best SSD for home usage is such a confusing task!. With marginal difference in cost, there are so many options available in market. This guide will help you to pick one without any ‘post purchase guilt’. 🙂 Firstly, replacing your laptop’s HDD with SSD makes a huge difference in laptop’s performance and power […]

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Why use Edge Browser. Reasons to try Microsoft’s new browser

Use Edge browser… haan? ? I am glad that you considered reading this post. I mean, why use edge browser when there are so many better alternatives right? ? Firstly, I never had thought of supporting a Microsoft browser. Yes, not even in my dreams! Let alone advocate using edge browser. Thanks to atrocious experiences […]

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Mi TV 4A review (India version). Is it worth buying? Some useful tips

Mi TV 4A review is an attempt to share my experience of 43″ inch variant TV and probably some useful info and tips. It has been few months now so, this is what I have to write. ➡️ First of all, before we head on to the Mi TV 4A review, for geeky numbers and […]


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