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Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker [Pocket Sized]

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Shivanandana Hegde

Infinity Fuze Pint Bluetooth Speaker infinity black

Have you ever wondered which is the best portable Bluetooth speaker to buy for daily use? Choosing a best speaker is such a confusing task. If you are looking for a pocket speaker with best audio quality and battery backup, you are on right spot.

Infinity Fuze pint review

This review will help you to buy the best pocket Bluetooth speaker with minimum investment. ? Yes, I’m talking about INFINITY FUZE PINT!!!! It is available in the market at just Rs.799(About $10 USD)

What qualities make the “best Bluetooth speaker”?

You must consider these before buying any Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Sound quality :- This is the most important thing one has to consider. Better the sound quality, better will be your mood?
  2. Battery capacity/ play-time :- Of course battery needs to last longer so that you don’t have to charge the speaker frequently. Charging the speaker frequently is one of the most annoying thing.☹
  3. Cost/ Product Price :- One of the most crucial things to consider in a portable Bluetooth speaker is it’s price. However , you should not compromise on sound quality over money.
  4. Size :- Some people like to have a tiny speaker and for some the size really doesn’t matter.

Who manufactures the best portable Bluetooth speaker?

Infinity Fuze Pint is a product of HARMAN company which also produces products such as JBL. I don’t have to explain about the quality of JBL since most of you might have used or atleast heard about it.? They are the market leaders in speaker industry.

How to use Infinity Fuze Pint

The most important part is how to use Infinity Fuze Pint.

Below are the steps to use Infinity Fuze Pint and some of its key features.

Infinity Fuxe Pint Bluetooth Speaker
  1. Power On :- When you long press for 3 seconds you will hear a voice that says “Powering ON”. Your device is active now. After some time the voice says “Ready to pair. Go to the pairing menu on your device”.
  2. Switch on your Bluetooth:- Switch on Bluetooth and look into devices in your mobile phone. You should see a device named “Infinity FUZE PINT”. Connect to the device.
  3. Device connection status:- Once the device is successfully connected , you will hear a voice that says “Connected”.
  4. Double Press power button:- When you press the power button 2 times, google assistant/ Alexa gets activated in your mobile phone. You can just speak and play songs.
  5. Triple Press power button:- The most exciting feature of Infinity fuze pint is its dual equalizer mode. Deep Bass mode and Normal mode. If you press power button 3 times, deep bass mode gets activated.
  6. Power Off:- When you long press for 3 seconds you will hear a voice that says “Powering OFF”. Your device is off now.
  7. Charging:- A regular mobile charger (micro-USB connector) is required to charge this device. A small indicator shows red color light while charging. It turns off upon charge completion. 0 to 100% charging time is around 1 hour.

Pros and Cons of Infinity Fuze Pint


  • No doubt this is the best portable Bluetooth speaker available in the market right now at a price of Rs.799 with excellent audio quality.
  • 5 hours of play time under optimum audio setting. You will have 5 hours of seamless audio streaming at 80% volume and 4 hours playtime at 100% volume.
  • Dual equalizer mode (Deep Bass and Normal mode) – The speaker is small but it’s a firecracker ✌ . Deep bass mode is meant for the songs with more beats. Who doesn’t want deep base nowadays right???
  • Voice assistant integration helps you to listen to weather reports news etc.
  • It comes with a speakerphone using which you can make handsfree audio calls.
  • Light weight and pocket sized – It hardly weighs 65 grams and you can carry it anywhere in your pocket and it comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It comes with 3 variants. 1) Charcoal Black 2) Mystic Blue 3) Passion Red . You can choose any one among these based on your preference.
Best Portable Bluetooth


  • The speaker does not have volume control button. You have to control volume from your connected device(mobile phone/ laptop).
  • You cannot play music using TF/memory cards , pen-drive etc. This speaker is strictly meant for Bluetooth connectivity only.


Overall from my personal experience this is the best Bluetooth speaker one can get at the price range of Rs.750-Rs.800(About $10 USD) . With deep bass mode you can enjoy best quality music from anywhere. Although it doesn’t support memory cards and pen drives , you can use music apps like Gaana, Spotify etc.

If you want to buy this awesome speaker,here is the link:-

NOTE:- If you are a xiomi/redmi mobile phone user, you must read how to remove system apps from without rooting your phone


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