Jiofi battery swelling and bulging: How to use it without battery

Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Shivanandana Hegde

Jiofi battery swelling and bulgingis a problem reported by many users across the country. This usually happens if you leave the device connected to charger for a long duration. Any Li-Ion battery will face similar consequence. i.e., battery swelling or blasting in worst case! 



If you are someone like me who is fully dependent on Jiofi for the internet, and you would keep it ON most of the time, then this article is for you!

NOTE:– You can try the same trick on other devices too. Ex: Use an Airtel dongle without a battery.

I used to keep my Jiofi battery connected to the charger almost 24X7 and the side effect of this is jiofi battery is swollen!

It is obviously not safe to use the device when the battery bulges. Even if you replace the battery, it is bound to swell after some time if you use it continuously. I could have even bought a new dongle (direct power source) but didn’t want to invest in dongles at this time.

Jiofi battery swelling

I also wanted to get rid of the battery and use the device all the time as a direct A/C WiFi router.

Jiofi battery swelling or bulging

Problem, solution and Reason!

Problem: If you connect the default Jiofi charger directly without the battery, it gets restarted again and again.

Solution: Use a charger that delivers more than or equal to 1.2A as output. (Or 1200mAh and above).
I have tried a few mobile chargers whose output is 1.2A – it works fine. I have also tried with mobile’s fast chargers whose output is 2.1A – it works fine too.

jiofi without battery

Reason: For some reason, the default charger that comes with Jiofi doesn’t deliver the full 1Amp output that is required for the device to operate without a battery.

So, I am now using my Jiofi-2 device without any problems for the past 3 months. I got rid of the jiofi battery swelling problem. My device is now connected and ON almost 24×7 without any problems.

UPDATE 1: Many of the readers suggested this:- The Ampere rating alone isn’t enough. Many USB cables are sub-standard and won’t deliver enough current. Hence, use a quality USB cable to connect the charger.

UPDATE 2: Many people have commented that the device will work without a battery on power banks and phone chargers too. Cheers! 🙂 

Downside: If power goes off, the device will go off too! I have a UPS and it’ll be almost always on a power source. Hence, it’s not a problem for me personally.

Side Note:- I have tested this on Jiofi-2 device only. A similar strategy should work on any device – i.e., using higher Amp output than the device’s default charger.

Hope this helps if you have jiofi battery swelling issue. If this solution worked with jiofi or any other devices, feel free to leave a comment below.


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By Shivanandana Hegde

Shivanandana Hegde is a data practitioner. He works with digital analytics and marketing gurus to optimize online sales and user experience; thus, empowering his clients across India and North America.

He has a keen interest in electronic devices, communication networks, and computing machines to access and manage information. He has published a number of blog posts and publications over the last decade.

89 replies on “Jiofi battery swelling and bulging: How to use it without battery”

I am also facing the problem – Jiofi battery bulging. can i use my jiofi without battery connected to my pc via usb cable.

I don’t think it’ll work with USB connected to pc on USB port. The moment you remove the battery, it requires more than 1.2A to power the device. PC USB ports won’t provide that much current. Better use a stand alone USB charger.

I tried connecting both jiofi 2 and 4, yes it recives power but can’t get online. I see that it’s connected but no internet, what to do

Thank you for sharing kind information.
Your tip helped me to get rid out of swollen battery issue.
I am using JioFi4.
I am using Samsung phone charger with 0.7A and its is working well with it. For regular power supply, charger is connected to UPS power supply and it is working well till now from last two days.
I hope, it will work same as of now always.
Finally, I am back to JioFi4.
Thanks a lot sir.

Please ensure that the sim card of the jiofi is tightly taped down and is pressed firmly with the sim reader.
Also ensure the sim is clean and dust free, so rub it with a clean cloth before doing so.
To ensure that sim is tight, you can also put a piece of paper folded to be snug fit under the sim.

Your cable should be able to carry that charge as well. Some cables are unable to carry charge beyond 0.5 A or 1 A. Try with a high powered cable.

Hi! Your post seems helpful.. Can you mention which brand PHONE has a charger which will provide 1.2A output. The reason for asking this is I have an iPhone and hence want to know:(Thank You!

Thank you. There are many phones which have 1.2A+ output but, they all will be under premium category. I would recommend buying a stand alone USB charger which has output greater than 1.2A or 2A. It hardle costs Rs.300. For example,I use this one:-
It is working without problems. You can use this or a similar product.
PS:- You would also need a regular USB cable in this case to connect. (not type-c). Better buy a combo.

I have jio m2s. I tried with 2A charger but it still restarting again and again.I tried with other chargers too. But still it is keep on restarting.

It works Great! I am so happy…………. Thank god for showing this blog to my eyes. I searched more in Youtube and Quora. Nothing helped me. I have 3 nos of jiofi and everyone is bulged. Now every think is fine. Thank you so much.

I have a jiofi2 with same issue (battery bulged), from what I read from here…remove the battery…connect the jiofi2 directly to a charger which had an output of 1.2 A or more and it should work…did I get that right??

Works on direct power. Tried with a 5A – 4 port charger.

This post was helpful. Saved on unnecessarily changing an over-expensive battery every 3-4 months.

Thanks for the information. It was helpful. What happens in case of power cut? Once the power is back, do I have to manually switch on the jio device (power button at center)?

Hi @Balaji, – I think by now, you might have figured it out. 🙂 FYI, Once the power is back, it will switch on by itself. No need of manual power on assuming it is connected to charger and switch is ON.

Great, it worked for me… how long will this bulged battary works? It is still working, but I kept it aside…

Really a great solution. Can i use a 20k powerbank instead of chargers . Will it work. I am in confusion. Please advise.

Hi Shiva, so when jifi m2 device plugged that time we no need to put swell battery inside the device, only ac power supply with 1.2+ adopter supply is sufficient, plz confirm.

thanks a lots for your suggestion about jiofi battery problem. now i am using jiofi without battery but only ac power supply adopter is connected. wonderfull its work.

Hi Shiva, I tried removing the bulged battery from JMR1040 device and plugged it in to a charger that has output = 2 Amps. The battery LED on the device stays red; no other lights are on; so, it is not working; what could the problem be?

great idea Mr Hegde, I will try that at my home today. My battery is also swollen and thought of buying a new battery, let me try this today and post you tomo on the result. thanks.

do we need to change any settings of device for working it without battery ?
i have jio dongle 2 have change the pover save mode to “off ” mode but still it not working continously on power .

Thank you very much.
All these days I didn’t tried this. I was using regular Nokia battery as a spare with wire soldered to it.

I was getting low signal too due to low mAh with frequent restart. Accidentally I end up in this site, now I just tried this trick, it’s working like a magic.
It is showing full signal strength I’m so happy.

I have UPS and I’m using exactly 2amp charger but I never tried without battery.
You made my day buddy.
Thank you once again.

I am using jiofi as the dongle for my desktop and the battery have been swollen how to tackle this by connecting to desktop

if your PC has WiFi, then no need of cable.Connect it with Wifi. If not, you might have to add a wifi dongle to your PC.
JioFi’s design supports it to be a ‘wifi-hotspot’ rather than connecting with cable.

same problem here jio wifi battery bulging.

If power source is from a compatible mobile charger and remove the battery, how the wifi is to be connected to my PC? the only cable is data transfer cable connected to my pc. If I remove this cable and insert the charging cable, how the wifi connects to my PC once the cable is removed?

If your PC has WiFi, then no need of cable.Connect it with Wifi. If not, you might have to add a wifi dongle to your PC.
JioFi’s design supports it to be a ‘wifi-hotspot’ rather than connecting with cable.

Dated: 15th May 2020
Hey, really thank you for this article. you really solved a big problem in this lockdown, and it worked with PC by just connecting it via USB cable. I just gave it a shot and it worked. EUREKA!.

My JioFi is having Battery Model H12348
3.8V 2300mAH Li-ion 8.74Wh
Charging Voltage 4.35V
Should I use Stand Alone Charger with more than 2.3Amp and whether it is available in market?

Interesting solution,will try it out,all replacement batteries available on amazon,jiomart,flipkart are fake,dont work at all,i have just returned 2 batteries

Airtel dongle doesn’t work without battery. battery is required in order to boot.
model is 5572s i think :P. i bought 2 more dongles from OLX after swelling its battery.

can you pls tell me how to connect usb 3.1 amp charger to jiofi and pc usb port. how to connect these three or how to join these three. Please help.

I have a Jio4 device. My battery has swollen/bulged and hence,I removed the battery and connected the device with Apple iPad adapter with an output of 5V-2.1Amp. Despite this, the device is going through the cycle of green-blue-red color indicator lights and not delivering internet connection. I have ensured that my SIM card is clean and is properly inserted. Could you please advice?

Sir .. my battery for jiofi swelled up ..and I didn’t find its solution .kindly help me…m not able to understand ur solution.. as I connects jiofi to cpu for my pc

Thanks for the solution. Like most people, I also faced the issue of battery swelling. Now I can able to use the dongle without a battery.

Great solution. Power bank worked for me too. Though, not sure the long run cons. Let’s go with flow for now 🙂 Thanks, bro!

Thank you for this post. Really helpful. My mobile’s charger adapter is with 5V 2.0A output, But with it, the router kept disconnecting randomly…. Connecting the JioFi (without battery) directly to laptop/s USB port works. Hope its safe for using at such short distance w.r.t Radiations…Thank you !!!

Glad this was of help. You’re welcome. It is strange that it disconnects randomly. May be it is network issue and not device issue. If it works with laptop, so be it. Better get a god lengthy USB cable then! All the best.

Great hack!
This is working for me with Powerbank AND normal nokia charger!
Thank you very much for this!

Somehow my jiofi battery not able to charge, can i use my jiofi without battery for long days.. Say for example some 2 to 3 months.. Does it effect dongle

I am using my JioFi (JMR541) without battery and internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in some intervals. As per your suggestion I already tried with multiple adapters like from 1Amp to 4amp but same problem. Noting shows on JioFi when internet gets disconnect in my laptop, all three green lights keep showing. Moreover, there is no problem with my laptop as it shows no problem when I use Mobile hotspot or use JioFi with battery. Please advise sir the battery is damaged and it’s my third battery.

@Gagan : I am sure this is either a network problem in your area or device’s main board problem. For me, there were times when Jio network frequently got disconnected and when I complained, got to know that it was tower problem and after a month or so, it was fixed. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with battery or adapter.

In my phone charger(1.2A) also its restarting again and again.
But i had 3 USB cables. i tried one by one and it worked properly in one of the cables.
Even though the charger is delivering 1.2A as an output, but it won’t reach the device if the USB cable is not capable. .
Please use the good USB cable and try it.

The fact that with a 10 amp charger the JioFi and Airtel MyWifi devices don’t need the battery also indicates that even if battery is connected, the charger won’t charge the battery continuously.
My battery has swollen a bit after connecting it to a laptop continuously. Lappie doesn’t provide adequate power for it to run without battery, so it trickle charges the battery instead. And I thought laptop would be a better power source for the battery. Turns out it’s not.

Thanks for this blog. I used default charger which we got with Jio dongle. Its working fine without battery and with green signal 🙂

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