How to upgrade laptop processor from i3 to i7 (or i5)

For many years, I wished I could upgrade my laptop processor from i3 to a higher version like i5 or i7. I always thought laptop cpu upgrade is impossible. I mean, every authorized laptop service center told me the same. So, when a multi-billion dollar companies cannot do it, how can I? In this post, […]


Don’t install Facebook App: How to use Facebook without installing mobile app.

Facebook and messenger apps not only consumes too much battery and RAM but also intrude your privacy. Simple way to use facebook & messenger without app

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Best SSD for home use. What to consider before buying?

Choosing the best SSD for home usage is such a confusing task!. With marginal difference in cost, there are so many options available in market. This guide will help you to pick one without any ‘post purchase guilt’. 🙂 Firstly, replacing your laptop’s HDD with SSD makes a huge difference in laptop’s performance and power […]


Jiofi battery swelling and bulging: How to use it without battery

Jiofi battery swelling and bulgingis a problem reported by many users across the country. This usually happens if you leave the device connected to charger for a long duration. Any Li-Ion battery will face similar consequence. i.e., battery swelling or blast!  If you are someone like me who is fully dependent on Jiofi for the […]


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