Why use Edge Browser. Reasons to try Microsoft’s new browser

Use Edge browser… haan? πŸ€”

I am glad that you considered reading this post. I mean, why use edge browser when there are so many better alternatives right? πŸ˜€

Death of internet explorer

Firstly, I never had thought of supporting a Microsoft browser. Yes, not even in my dreams! Let alone advocate using edge browser.

Thanks to atrocious experiences from IE (Internet Explorer), I think most of you know what I mean. Whether it is dangerous security loop holes, poor rendering of website elements, crawling speed, impractical design, always loading…. loading….huh… such a pain in the neck.

I wonder why Microsoft has still kept IE 11 alive! They didn’t hesitate to kill several other brands that they acquired and eventually destroyed. πŸ€”

Secondly, Edge is not same as IE. In fact, Edge is completely different form of IE browser. It is much more.

Use Edge Browser. It is not same as IE
Edge is not IE …!

Here is the thing, Microsoft has packed some really cool features in it’s latest Edge browser.

Microsoft should really create a better marketing team. They could have at-least changed the browser’s icon. This ‘e’ symbol has stuck in our minds as IE. Why didn’t they come up with something new -anything new! – Let me know what you think.

Moving on, let’s get to the topic of why use Edge Browser? Especially if you are an IT/MNC professional.

βœ… Easy technical documentation

βœ”οΈ Web-page snap shots and markings

This feature gives more reasons to use edge browser for professionals in the line of web design, e-commerce, digital analytics and consultation.

How to use edge for this? Go to any website, use the pen icon on top right to instantly capture the page screenshot and start doodling on it. – Or add notes.

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βœ”οΈ PDF annotations – View, Mark up and Sign pdf using Edge browser

Were there times when you wanted to mark something in PDF, (not edit but just annotate), highlight etc.. But, adobe took you to a payment page asking you to buy their ‘professional’ edits tools?

With Edge, you may not be able to edit pdf but you can mark and highlight PDF files irrespective of their formats.

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How to use edge browser for this? – Just open the PDF with Edge, use the same pen-icon on right to start doodling and marking.

βœ… Advanced Protection is a good reason to use edge browser πŸ’ͺ

Use Microsoft Edge Browser for protection

Major raising concern in Digital age are data leaks, privacy invasion, black market demand for information etc.…. oh.. such a scary world.

As stated by NSS labs:- See the report here

“Microsoft Edge demonstrated the highest protection against phishing attacks throughout the test, blocking an average of 92.3 percent of phishing URLs,” NSS concluded. By comparison, Chrome had an average block rate of 74.5 percent, and Firefox achieved 61.1 percent.

NSS Lab test – 2018

βœ”οΈ My personal favorite:- Application guard window πŸ‘

Use Edge Browser for application guard window

A unique feature of Edge browser. There are 3 core features:
This is not same as incognito mode. In fact, it is completely different. It uses ‘virtualization’ technology. So, your browser is totally isolated from your PC’s Operating System.

  1. Insulated browser
  2. Safeguard your PC – Won’t allow any attacks or access to your system files.
  3. Doens’t store any malwares/trojans – It removes all the files/cache after you close the window hence unwanted files are cleaned too.

If it is not enabled in your Windows 10 PC, follow these steps to activate it.

So, if you have Windows 10 and you’re not employing Edge, you are missing these features.

βœ… Too many active tabs? – Use edge browser’s ‘Set aside’ option.

I usually have at least 10-12 tabs open at a time and it is not easy to navigate in other browsers. However, in Edge browser, there is an option of ‘Set aside’ your tabs. Use the second icon on top left most corner of Edge for this. Hover there and you’ll notice. They are not closed but just organized in a neat, tabular fashion.
So, I can get back to those tabs later without really closing them.

Microsoft Edge browser has set aside option

βœ… Edge has Built-in IE (compatibility)

Believe it or not, there are still some Godzilla among us. They use IE compatible websites and web applications. Fear not, Edge automatically loads IE environment when such URLs are accessed.

βœ…Edge has Light footprint 🦢

Edge is really light on resources.Chrome on the other hand is still a resource hog: Especially when there are active tabs, browser extensions/plugins.
Speaking of browser extensions and plugins, Edge too has it’s own set of browser extensions. It is not so exhaustive compared to Chrome but yeah, there is decent collection.

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See the comparison of resource utilization of Edge Vs Chrome. I had opened 8 same URLs in different tabs of both browser.

Compare resource utilization of MS Edge vs Chrome.

Other good features to use Edge browser 😍

βœ”οΈ Super fast: I know this word is over-used but I really mean it. Use it and you’ll notice from the moment you launch it!

βœ”οΈ Edge Supports immersive Reading πŸ“–

  • Has dedicated ‘Reading mode’ – Creates ‘texty’ version of any website
  • Read aloud – If you like robots reading your news! πŸ˜›

UPDATE:- e-book and e-pub file support – Edge No longer supports e-pub. You need a separate software when you can open them using Edge.


βœ”οΈ Easy social share and office integration πŸ“€

Use Edge to share and organize

My final verdict: Besides being safest, well integrated with Windows, MS office and an light weight browser, I’ve listed my reasons to use Edge browser. If Microsoft gets serious about this browser, (at-least their marketing team), this could be the future of browsing. βœ…

Oh, by the way, did you find your answer by now? πŸ˜ƒ



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