What is Tag Management System or TMS? (Digital Marketing)

Tag Management System as described with a famous quote from James McCormick– Forrester Research:

“Tag management is the most boring name for the single most impactful practice that firms need to master to succeed at any digital engagement program that needs to scale — never mind its importance to the efficacy of digital marketing efforts.”

Tag management system

Why learn about Tag Management?

Many Digital Marketing professionals don’t consider learning the concept of ‘Tag Management’. Mostly known as tag implementation or just Tagging.

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digital analytics tag management

Tag management doesn’t sound very interesting to many Digital Professionals – simply because it involves coding, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

However, tagging a website and all the digital marketing activities is the very first step in data collection. This by the virtue, makes Tag Management a very crucial part of Analytics.

All analytics and tracking tools in the world accept and process data in different formats. The triggers for sending these data is as complex as the data structure.

Hence, many organizations though have abundant amount of data, but are still not in a position to make sense out of it.  Noise in data, unwanted and unrelated data that prevents the decision makers from getting the true taste from the juice of analytics.

The video below is about TMS (Tag management System):

Why Tag Management System is so important?

  • TMS removes the dependency from Website developers and reduces their burden.
  • TMS works across devices and platforms.
  • Almost every digital marketing tool in the market today is TMS compliant.
  • Extremely helpful (almost a necessity) if you are running multiple analytics platforms.
  • Integrating ‘n’ number of tools within the website is easier than ever before with Tag management system
  • Easy to follow ‘Universal’ Tagging structure across multiple tools and hence, reduced errors.
  • Most logical way to achieve ‘Unified Marketing & analytics’.

The last point above is most discussed and very hard to implement at this point of time.

Tag management system

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What is required to enable TMS in your website/e-business?

ToolsA Tag Management System: – Example: – Google Tag Manager/GTM, (Which is not only awesome but FREE), Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, Ensighten, Tealium etc.
ResourcesA team of Tag management experts (or) Digital translators – i.e., People who understand Business, Digital Marketing and are good in coding too.
Skill setStrong hold on OOP (Object oriented Programming), Hands on experience in JavaScript, HTML and web services, strong knowledge about digital marketing, analytics.
Other RequirementsDomain expertise of the required business is an added advantage.
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True and impeccable impact of Digital Marketing analytics can be achieved by systematic and error-free tagging of your website and all other digital marketing communications.

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