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How to detect adblocker from Google Tag Manager: [GTM tutorial]

how to detect any adblocker in your website

What made me write this post? – A simple google search of “how to detect adblocker” in google yields so many results. However, none of them were satisfactory to me. Some involved installing third party plugins and some wanted me to call an external JavaScript. So, here is a really quick guide on how to …

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What google knows about me? – The illusion of Privacy Control

What google knows about you

What google knows about me? Before you think that you already have an idea about this, just hold that thought and read on. Don’t miss to check these out: Did you know that Google reads all of your online shopping invoices in Gmail and stores them?
Bonus: How to download (export) everything that Google knows …

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Amazon pricing strategy explained: [Selective User Pricing]

Selective User Pricing is a way by which one product or product type will be priced higher/lower to one customer compared to other. Subsequently, this is relatively new way by adopted for amazon pricing strategy. You can almost say it is a transnational scam!.  हिंदी में जानकारी और वीडियो को देखने के लिए यहां क्लिक …

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What is Tag Management System or TMS? (Digital Marketing)

Tag management system

Tag Management System as described with a famous quote from James McCormick– Forrester Research: “Tag management is the most boring name for the single most impactful practice that firms need to master to succeed at any digital engagement program that needs to scale — never mind its importance to the efficacy of digital marketing efforts.” …

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Basics of Digital Marketing – What every internet user must know.


Well, knowingly / unknowingly, willingly / unwillingly, you have been and will be a part of Digital Marketing all your life!.  Oh, you wonder how? Have you ever thought about the ads which show up on any of the websites you visit? Lately they have mostly been the one’s that you are personally interested in …

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